No money for the vet – Tips on financing

In the course of his life a pet can cause high costs. Not only food and entertainment, but also veterinary costs. Especially if an unforeseen operation is necessary, they can quickly become high. Not every pet owner is able to handle these costs. If you do not have any money for the veterinarian, there are a number of ways to cover your bills.

This guide explains what options and alternative funding options are available in this case and what insurance is available to cover veterinary costs. Loans can also be a way to finance.

Pay installment agreement with the veterinary practice

Pay installment agreement with the veterinary practice

No money for the veterinarian: Can an installment payment be arranged with the veterinary practice?

If the money is too short to settle the veterinary emergency service costs, the first point of contact is usually the vet itself. Often veterinarians agree that pet owners pay the bill in installments . Gradually the owner stutters the open amount. In this case, the owner should discuss with the veterinarian the period during which the invoice must be settled. Also, the amount of monthly costs must be clear for both sides, so that no misunderstandings arise. Any additional conditions should also be discussed with the veterinarian.

There is no entitlement to pay for veterinary treatment in installments. Here decides the goodwill of the treating veterinarian – a polite and friendly request is worthwhile. If the treatment of the animal is still pending, the price comparison in different veterinary practices is worthwhile. In some cases, the veterinarian will meet the owner by lowering the invoice amount .

Contact animal welfare associations and animal shelters

Contact animal welfare associations and animal shelters

Which animal protection associations and animal shelters can help?

If the veterinarian does not agree to installment payments, animal welfare associations and animal shelters may be a promising address for illiquid pet owners .

According to the German Animal Welfare Association, it has meanwhile become more common for pet owners to turn to animal shelters and clubs with such a concern. It’s not always about veterinary costs. In some cases, it already fails the cost of the food of the animal. This is often a problem for the unemployed , who do not want to give their pet away, but do not have enough money to entertain them.

Whether an animal shelter or an animal welfare association helps settle open vet bills is a matter of individual case . This depends heavily on the shelter or organization and their financial resources.

Some animal protection groups have set up actions to accommodate pet owners. These include special boards for animals that function similarly to the humanitarian counterpart. Anyone who can prove his need , receives corresponding discounts or get the goods for free. Even homeless and their dogs are such offers.

In the case of the dog tax, some organizations help the owners of the animals, including animal plaques. Most such offers are not flat rate, but depending on the behavior and willingness of the pet owner to cooperate . If this shows that he is doing his utmost to settle the costs of his animal, chances are comparatively good.

Treatment by a volunteer veterinarian

Can volunteer veterinarians help?

Volunteer veterinarians are a potential contact point if the pet owner can not afford the treatment costs of a regular veterinary practice. In many cities, volunteer veterinarians help with the medical care of animals. Often, such help is coupled with other actions; about boards for animals. In some cases, there is a veterinarian present at certain times, who takes care of the animals’ suffering free of charge .

In addition, there are other initiatives in which vets volunteer for pets. Most such offers are financed by donations . In some cases the treatment is completely free, in others a small flat rate is due. Even veterinarians often offer their help for free.

Social organizations

Social organizations

What is the claim for help through a social organization?

In addition to animal-focused organizations, other social organizations may also be able to help with high veterinary costs and pet care if the pet owner runs out of money.

Charitable organizations and charities support people in need. Those who are in a difficult situation have the opportunity, for example, to turn to church organizations such as Caritas . Here, affected persons can also seek advice on which contact points they can turn to.

Last but not least, private donors are also eligible for veterinary costs – such as family members who help out pet owners at short notice.

Alternative financing options

Alternative financing options

What financing options are there?

If the veterinarian does not have the money to pay the bill, then loans are also an option. A Matt Helm credit is one way to bridge a temporary financial bottleneck. One advantage is that it is available at short notice.

The credit range is between 100 and 3000 euros. The term of the instant loan is up to 30 days. The commitment to the loan is immediate online. If urgently needed, the money will be paid within 60 minutes with an express option.

How can money be saved in the long term for veterinary emergencies?

Anyone who permanently has little money available or knows that an expensive treatment is required for their animal, which at best reveals potential savings in everyday life. One way to save money is to temporarily avoid expendable items such as fashion or specific consumer goods . For example, smokers can restrict their daily consumption of cigarettes. If you cycle more often, you save on public transport or petrol. Here, a previous financial analysis is instructive to uncover potential savings and to learn how to handle money properly.

No money for the veterinarian: grants and insurance

No money for the veterinarian: grants and insurance

Can grants be requested?

Veterinary costs and the general care of pets are a problem especially for the unemployed, especially for Hartz IV recipients . Any costs incurred must cover the latter from the Hartz IV standard rate. The Jobcenter does not provide grants to care for animals, whether in everyday life or in an emergency.

Hartz IV recipients can, under certain conditions, apply for loans from the Job Center. There is no guarantee that the Jobcenter will grant loans. Here the individual case decides – and the respective clerk at the employment agency.

Those affected can seek advice directly from the job center or from external aid organizations, such as the churches.

No money for the vet: private animal health insurance

In order to be protected against high and unforeseen veterinary costs , it may be worth taking a pet health insurance or a special animal surgery insurance . This covers, depending on the offer, certain – but usually not all – costs incurred in treatments at the vet.

Pet health insurance, which includes regular treatments such as vaccines, is relatively expensive but often covers a wide range of treatments . Surgical insurance, on the other hand, only takes effect when it comes to surgical interventions beyond a certain cost limit. But the monthly amount is usually lower than animal health insurance.

It’s worth it for pet owners to thoroughly compare the individual insurance options. Some providers take only certain treatments or exclude the cost of existing pre-existing diseases of the animal. Some insurance policies exclude breed-specific illnesses. In addition, the individual insurance options have different performance limits .

In some cases, the insurance includes costs for accidents or travel . The amount of the deductible also plays an important role. Also, the maximum age of admission of the animal at the beginning of the insurance varies. Most insurance companies offer different packages.

In some cases, it makes sense to cover the money for a pet health insurance even in case of cases. Over the years, a considerable sum accumulates, with which the animal owners are also prepared for expensive vet treatments.

Military Loan – Credit for Time Soldiers and Soldiers

Good soldiers are welcome borrowers because of their secure job at banks. Because the state pays the soldiers, both professional and time soldiers, according to the federal salary regulation. In terms of lending, banks often put soldiers on a par with civil servants in terms of creditworthiness. Somewhat different is this with time soldiers, since these are employed only for a certain time with the Federal Armed Forces. That is why there are specially designed loans for time-guards, since the income is guaranteed only as long as the time soldiers are working for the Good. That is why banks limit the term of loans for time guards. The credit usually runs only as long as the soldier is still employed by the Good. In the case of loans for time-guards, it is therefore important that the service period corresponds to the repayment term. If the credit rating of you is acceptable, it is not a problem for you to get a loan, provided that the term of the loan is in the Good service period. Loans for time soldiers thus have a particularly short term.

That’s why we, Small lender, are the right contact person for you. Because we specialize in short-term loans that are ideally tailored to the needs of timekeepers like you.

When does a loan make sense for time guards?

When does a loan make sense for time guards?

When taking out a loan, you borrow money from a bank as a time-money, which you then repay. Basically, you are debting with borrowing. Nonetheless, there are some situations in which applying for a loan makes sense. Especially in times of low interest rates, it pays to think about a loan.

First of all, your financial situation determines whether it makes sense for us to borrow a time-lender loan. Since you have a regular income as a time soldier, this condition is basically given to you. It makes perfect sense to borrow a time-lender loan if you need a car and do not have enough capital of your own. A small used car you get already for little money, for example, if your car broke down. In addition, the rescheduling of existing debt is a good reason for a loan from us. Interest rates are much lower nowadays than a few years ago. So, if you borrow a time-lender loan from us, you benefit from the low interest rates. With the new liquidity, for example, you balance out your Dispo, so that no horrendous disputes are due. The financing of consumer goods such as holiday travel or luxury items can also make sense, as long as they are only short-term financial bottlenecks. Because unlike other banks, you do not enter into a long-term financial commitment with us because you pay off the loan within a very short time.

Benefits of a loan for time soldiers over Small lender

Benefits of a loan for time soldiers over Small lender

With our loans, you benefit from various advantages. The short term, the quick repayment, the free loan calculator and no processing fees make sure that our time loans are just right for you.

You quickly get a loan with real immediate payment. In some cases, you may need to spend money quickly. If this is the case, you can choose our express option until 3:00 pm. Then your loan application will be processed faster and the money will be directed the same day. Then you have the money in your account, so that the short-term liquidity shortage belongs to the past.

Another advantage is that you are not bound by the short term long term. You can choose between a sum of 100 € up to 3000 € your loan amount – depending on your personal needs. It is also possible to repay the loan within 30 or 60 days. This loan is suitable for you if you only have short-term gaps in your account. Then you pay off the loan quickly, so that your good credit is never compromised. 

In addition, you benefit from the competent processing at Small lender. When processing your loan application, there are no fees. Also a commission is not due. We stand for a fair dealings with our customers, so that there are no hidden costs for the loan for time guards.

You also have the option of getting a short-term loan if your Schufa score is not optimal. Our special construction of a short-term loan ensures that even borrowers with a Schufa score between M and D get a loan. In addition, simply making a credit request does not affect your Schufa score.

To summarize, these are the benefits of our time-lending loans:

– short term
– quick eradication
– Free loan calculator
– fast payout
– no processing fees
– no provision
– Loans with average Schufa score

So you finance your loan for time soldiers

With us you get a quick and comfortable loan for time guards, so you have more money in the short term.

To do this, first select the necessary loan amount. Depending on your needs, you are spoiled for choice. With us the credits start with a sum of 100 euros. Also loans in the amount of 200, 500 or 1000 euros are possible. The maximum amount of the credit for time-guards is 3000 euros, which you have freely available after successful approval of your loan application.

So after you have selected the loan amount, make a loan application. Online you enter your personal data such as your name and address. This also requires information about your financial situation. Based on the submitted information, we then check your credit rating and decide whether to get the required credit.

Afterwards only the verification of your data is necessary. To do this, identify yourself from home via VideoIdent. There is no time lost for the way to a bank. Afterwards you access the approved loan amount 60 minutes later.

Requirements for a loan for time soldiers at Small lender

Requirements for a loan for time soldiers at Small lender

With us you only get a loan if you meet certain minimum requirements. First of all, you are at least 18 years old. A residence in Germany and a German bank account are also compulsory for the granting of a loan. In addition, you have a German bank account and of course have regular income as a time soldier. If you have at least a medium credit rating between D and M or better, nothing stands in the way of credit. In addition, you complete the online loan application completely and a short time later, the money is in your account upon successful approval.

In summary, you fulfill the following requirements:

– Minimum age: 18 years
– Residence: Germany
– Bank account in Germany
– medium credit rating or better
– regular income
– Completed online loan application

Credit for time soldiers with immediate deposit

Credit for time soldiers with immediate deposit

In some situations you need money immediately. Whether it’s a spontaneous trip, a present for your loved one or a much-needed purchase – all these cases have one thing in common: they need a short amount of money quickly and quickly. We, the company Small lender, help you with this problem.

Because in these cases, we will immediately provide you with money. You benefit from our express option. With this real instant payout, we will transfer the money to your account immediately upon successful verification of your credit rating. Due to the digital loan application, loans are approved immediately. The identification takes place online, so that there is nothing between you and the much-needed money that you get from us.

That’s why you should renounce a loan shark

In the course of a life there can be a financial shortage for different reasons and then it is quite normal to borrow money. If this can not be resolved promptly, there is a risk of over-indebtedness in the medium and long term. Many sufferers try to bridge the financial emergency with a loan. However, banks usually only lend to people with good credit ratings. Existing debts can reduce the creditworthiness and lead to a credit cancellation. Out of desperation, some sufferers – supposedly – seek help from a loan shark. Who or what a loan shark is and why it is dangerous to use its services, explains this guidebook article.

What is a loan shark?

What is a loan shark?

A loan shark is the colloquial term for a dubious credit intermediary or lender. He works outside the state supervision of the financial market and thus offers his services illegally. The term loan shark indicates certain characteristics that are said to be sharks and that also apply to dubious lenders. This includes, for example, greed or aggressiveness or violence.

How do you recognize a loan shark?

How do you recognize a loan shark?

A loan shark can be identified by certain characteristics. Signs of dubious business practices by lenders or intermediaries are:

  • market-screaming Internet appearance
  • Contact only via paid telephone numbers
  • Information material only for a fee or by the (paid) visit of a representative
  • Lending to customers with bad credit ratings
  • Lending without additional collateral in almost unlimited amount
    very high (sometimes even immoral) interest
  • illegal methods of recovering due installments, including threats of violence

Reputable providers have a license from the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). This entitles them to lend or broker commercial loans. Loan sharks do not have such a license. Consumers can check on the website of the BaFin itself whether a credit provider has the appropriate permission.

Why are loan sharks dangerous?

Why are loan sharks dangerous?

Loan sharks work outside government-supervised finance. This bypasses the conditions of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. This means that their activities are not subject to any controls and borrowers can not rely on existing consumer protection.


The business behavior of a credit shark often leads to the fact that the original financial situation does not change. Rather, it often gets worse as the debtor has to pay high upfront costs, management fees, commissions, overdrawn interest, and other costs. They are already “eliminating” part of the loan amount, so that they end up with additional financing needs to pay for the new debt. Some loan sharks require the conclusion of life or other insurance as collateral.

In addition, the dubious brokers offer not only the so-called Bank-free loan but also assistance in debt settlement and financial rehabilitation. For example, talks with the creditors. These additional services are usually expensive to pay for – regardless of whether they succeed with their support or not. Often, the dubious providers do not provide this performance in the first place.

The result: the borrower has to pay even more bills, can not meet the payment obligations soon and he gets even deeper into the debt trap. In order to receive their repayments, loan sharks often use questionable methods that may include the threat of violence.

What reasons do you have to go to a loan shark?

Due to a long illness someone has lost his job, the rate for the house is hard to pay and then the car is still on strike. Many scenarios are conceivable that make people seek a loan shark. Most sufferers know that these are dubious and illegally working persons. But with many debtors, the despair is so great that they feel compelled to take advantage of the “help” of a credit shark. That is exactly what the dubious credit intermediaries and lenders take advantage of. They advertise, loans also “without Bank” to convey or forgive. In doing so, they are tailoring their offer to those with low credit ratings who would not stand a chance of getting a loan from a bank.

Why should one renounce a loan shark?

Why should one renounce a loan shark?

Even if at first glance there seems to be no other way out of financial hardship, people should never use the services of a credit shark. This is the consensual and urgent warning from financial experts and consumer advocates.

You name several reasons for this:

  • The most important and usually only goal of loan sharks is to maximize their profits.
  • They offer little or no service.
  • They demand disproportionately high interest rates.
  • Often, high commissions or other costs have to be paid.
  • The risk of over-indebtedness / of a debt cycle increases considerably.
  • Default in payment threatens massive repayment claims, sometimes even under threat of force.

Bank is the safe alternative to the loan shark


Loan sharks or dubious providers of overpriced loans that take advantage of people’s Bank problems are unfortunately often searched and found online. Anyone who needs money only once to bridge a short-term financial bottleneck – be it for a car repair, the financing of the first own car, a new dishwasher or a small renovation in the house and apartment – must not run the risk of falling into the debt trap , Exactly for these cases we offer you the Bank on-line credit with all relevant information for you. We not only check your credit rating exactly, but assess it for the short duration of your loan. Thus, even customers with a medium Bank score can “get the opportunity” to take out a short-term loan with favorable interest rates.

We work together with the net-m Bank and can thus offer a reputable service, which has awarded him the test winner of the “BankingCheck Award” for short-term credit. In addition, the more often you use our service and pay back on time, the higher the next Bank short-term credit. By timely repayment of your loan, you increase our confidence in your repayment reliability. Benefit from our reputable service and calculate without obligation and free of charge your desired loan with our loan calculator.

Why is not it possible without Bank?


We also rely on the findings of Bank when granting loans, which is important for us and you! This is the only way we can effectively protect our customers from over-indebtedness through new loans and loans. If you want to learn more about debt traps and how to learn how to deal with money, you should read the blog post here.